Putting Your Wellbeing back in Your Hands




Physical Health

Physical Health

Physio & Co is proud to announce the launch of keYou, a corporate health service designed to offer extensive, evidence-based expertise, advice and services in the following areas:

Ergonomics consulting, assessments and train-the-trainer workshops

Physiotherapy (onsite assessments and offsite treatment) 

Tailor-made programmes to promote employee health, comfort and wellbeing, including: 

- stress management

- burnout prevention   

- fitness and exercising  

- nutrition and diet 

keYouservices range from one-hour presentations to full-day seminars and workshops.  

Why choose keYou?

Devised by health professional Áine Ní Mhuiris for Physio & Co, keYou is based on two simple but consistently applied principles: 

1.   Health and wellbeing are key factors for living a happy and productive life 

Mental Health

Mental Health

2.  Your employees hold the key to their health and wellbeing     

To that end, keYou provides cost-effective health and wellbeing services that are bespoke and enable your employees to feel, be and perform at their best, in and outside the workplace. 

The Team

keYou by Physio & Co equates sustainable wellbeing with taking care of every aspect of our health and collaborates with an experienced multidisciplinary team of specialists, including: 

  • Registered doctors

  • Clinical psychologists

  • Chartered physiotherapists

  • Certified Nutritionists

  • Fitness, Yoga & Pilates instructors 


For more information about keYou, and to discuss your needs, call Áine Ní Mhuiris at +41 (0)44 552 02 37 or send an e-mail to