Swiss health insurances will pay for physiotherapy if the sessions are prescribed by a physician (basic health insurance). The invoices for prescribed physiotherapy sessions will be sent straight to your health insurance or your accident insurance. If your deductible (“Franchise”) has been exceeded, your health insurance will charge you 10% of the physiotherapy costs (in accordance with usual practice). If your deductible has not yet been exceeded, your health insurance will charge you the full amount. Treatments not prescribed by a physician must be paid privately and will be billed on a monthly basis or, if preferred, can be paid in cash or by debit/credit card.

missed appointments  

Should you be unable to attend a booked physiotherapy session, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance. Physio & Co GmbH will make every possible effort to offer you an alternative appointment. Kindly note that the costs for missed appointments or appointments cancelled too late may be charged to you. Your health or accident insurance will not cover these costs. For more details, please view our Cancellation Policies


Physio & Co GmbH and its employees may request and view my medical records, and release information from my medical records to referring/aftercare physicians and therapists. Necessary data may also be forwarded for invoicing to the respective invoicing body (e.g. Ärztekasse) and/or, as the case may be, to an assigned debt-collection institution (“Inkasso”) or lawyer, or to the competent state authorities.